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System Water Health Check

MA Solutions can carry out a full analysis of any system water as part of our highly cost effective Postal Sampling Service. Analytical water testing for all Heating and Cooling Systems can be undertaken to ascertain the condition of the system and indicate any existing problems.

This can be used to verify system conditions after pre commission cleaning and flushing, before connecting old to new systems and as part of the normal maintenance testing regime. Particularly useful for mobile maintenance teams monitoring closed systems with sampling at the convenience of the sampler!

Evaporative Cooling tower systems and steam boilers can also be tested but specific oxidising products will breakdown rapidly after sampling (eg Sulphite, chlorine, bromine etc)

MA Solutions Postal Sampling Service includes all the necessary apparatus required to gather samples for testing. 

The micro-bottle kit consists of two sample bottles, a water analysis order form and a Freepost envelope. 

The process is simple:

Just fill sample bottles with system water, complete the enclosed order form and return the samples and questionnaire in the Freepost envelope. The results will be returned directly to the customer:

  • Identify defects in the system or treatment
  • All major water parameters tested including most metals, Aluminium, iron etc
 Results within 7 days

  • Verify implementation of cleaning and treating procedures
  • Easy-to-read report and recommendations by email/post as required.

Closed Heating & Cooling Systems

New BSRIA Guides for water treatment together with a new British Standard Code of Practice for sampling & monitoring of water have been issued.

BG 29 outlines pre-commissioning cleansing & flushing works, while BG50 looks at water treatment for the control of corrosion & maintenance of water quality.

BS8552 addresses the particular issues of sampling water from closed circuit heating & cooling systems in buildings & related infrastructure.

These standards outline sampling analysis, both chemical & bacteriological, together with the frequencies required to maintain water quality.

MA Solutions would be pleased to discuss these documents & the impact on your monitoring programme, please contact us