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Chemical Products, Delivery & Drum Removal

MA Solutions offer a wide range of chemical solutions for all types and designs of steam raising and water circulating systems.

Steam Boilers

MASOL 100 and 200 - a comprehensive range of oxygen scavengers, polyphospates and dispersants.

Closed Systems

MASOL 250 - a comprehensive range of Corrosion Inhibitors for all types of mixed metal systems, including aluminium.

Evaporative Cooling Waters

MASOL 300 - a comprehensive range of Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors for recirculating waters.

We offer 3 categories of MASOL Biocides:

Bio Dispersants

MASOL 390 range - designed to remove bio films for all heat transfer, evaporative and distributive surfaces. These are surface active products with good penetrative properties.

Maintenance Biocides

MASOL 320, 330 and 340 range - designed to prevent growth of bio-films on all heat transfer, evaporative and distributive surfaces. Also, these products limit the number and proliferation of planktonic (free swimming) forms of micro organisms in the bulk water phase. Products are supplied in liquid or solid form for oxidising biocides.

MASOL 380 range - designed to prevent growth of Pseudomonas bio-films in closed systems.

Legionella Specific MASOL 350 Range

These products have a specific activity against Legionella species.

Empty Drum Removal Services

MA Solutions offers a full drum removal service for all our supplied spent chemical drums. Our experienced staff will work with you to complete the necessary information to prepare our courier to collect our washed out empty drums. We would require site to wash out the spent containers, palletise and plastic wrap the shipment prior to our collection. This method will allow the safe handling of the drums, minimise waste and environmental concerns.

Disposing of waste

The 3rd Edition of the Environment Agency’s Technical Guidance Note WM2 is now in force. This means from 1st April 2014 any packaging that has contained a hazardous product and has been emptied, but not cleaned or decontaminated, must therefore be considered a Hazardous Waste; which must be consigned, carried and treated in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

Previously, empty drums were carried under a Duty of Care document which permitted the uplifting and return of nominally empty containers. Now, these containers are classified as hazardous waste by virtue of the residual liquid left in the drum and fall under the Hazardous Waste Regulations and must be consigned as hazardous waste using a Consignment Note.

A ‘Premises Code’ is required for any premises/site that disposes of 500kg of waste per year.

Please visit the Environment Agency website:

Form Guidance HWR02B: How to register your premises – A guide to the Hazardous Waste Regulations.

If the site produces less than 500kg of waste per year, the site will not need registration to obtain a premises code and will be an exempt premises. However, a consignment note will still be required when uplifting empty drums.