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Boiler Water Treatment

The two main functions of a boiler are to transfer heat to water to produce steam under pressure and to separate steam from the water in the boiler. The boiler can only carry out these two functions effectively if the qualities of the feed water and the boiler water are properly controlled.

Impurities introduced into the boiler with the feed water can produce scale and other deposits, which impede the transfer of heat and may restrict the flow of water. In addition to reducing boiler efficiency either effect leads to insufficient cooling of the metal heat transfer surfaces, which may become so hot that it is no longer strong enough to withstand the operating pressure, causing metal failure. Deposits may also lead to corrosion, by shielding the underlying metals from the protective conditions in the water or steam.

When steam is produced from water containing dissolved solids, the solids remain and concentrate in the boiler water. As the steam separates from the surface of the water in the boiler, it tends to carry with it small droplets of the boiler water. Contamination of the steam is increased by such factors as increasing concentrations of dissolved and suspended solids in the boiler water.

The objective of water treatment programmes are to keep these parts of the plant that are in contact with water and steam, clean and intact and to facilitate the production of clean steam, the selection, application and control of water treatment should be consistent with these aims.

To meet the required objectives a treatment programme is used to ensure that the boiler water is rendered substantially non-scale forming and non-corrosive. Scale formation is limited by the use of pre-treament plant and/or by converting the hardness salts to a free flowing sludge whilst corrosion is minimised by chemically removing the dissolved oxygen in the feed water and by keeping the water alkaline.

MA Solutions has the products and technical experience to ensure 'trouble free' boiler operation. We also ensure compliance with BS2486 for the treatment of land boilers and steam sampling in accordance with BS6068/ISO 5667